I have been involved with bracket racing for a very long time now and what I want to do here is share a lot of the ways that I go bracket racing; enjoying the sport yet keeping the expenditures to a reasonable minimum. The name of this site is Budget Bracket Racing and maybe you got here via one of our videos or stumbled on us through a search engine – whichever it might be, we hope that you enjoy your reading here and your viewing of our vids.

One of our main ingredients here is the building of a purpose built bracket car. We have built cars in the past and of course we will be leaning on a lot of the trials and errors of those previous cars. If you happen to decide that building a car yourself is in your future, here is a quick tip for you. Build something that you really like or at worst that you can learn to like. There is almost nothing worse than trying to build and race a car that you really don’t care about even if it is cheap and easy. Our second tip and this is the only time you are going to hear this from me but if you really don’t have any preference, think about using one of the GM LS engines. I can say right now that I will not be using one but I can also say that they are very difficult to beat as far as power output in stock form versus the money spent. Add some sort of power adder like NOS, Turbo or Blower and these engines with essentially stock internal pieces really deliver. As more of them show up in trader papers and wrecking yards, the prices will continue to drop. Cheap horsepower and torque certainly go with bracket racing on a budget.

If you have something that you need help on or maybe some additional information, don’t be shy about hitting us on the contact page. We answer every contact we receive whether it is on here or from one of our videos. We also have some sidebar information pieces planned that will deal with a specific piece of work and allow us to go into greater detail on the subject matter. We look forward to seeing you around here.

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